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Breed-specific legislation refers to laws that regulate and restrict what breeds of dog citizens residing within certain municipalities can and cannot own, breed-specific laws are proposed and adopted in failing effort to reduce bites and attacks inflicted by dogs and to increase public safety. Breed-specific legislation comes in two forms - breed bans and breed restrictions. To learn more about breed-specific legislation, please see our very own introductory article:
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Understand that the American Pit Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, German Shepherd Dog and Doberman Pinscher are not the only breeds of dog affected by breed-specific legislation; in fact, the Great Dane, English Mastiff, Chow Chow, Siberian Husky, Fila Brasileiro and Anatolian Shepherd are just a few among the many other breeds of dog often subject to breed-specific laws and other forms of discrimination. For the most accurate list available on the web of what dog breeds are affected by breed-specific legislation in the United States, Canada, & more than fifteen other countries worldwide such as Norway, Bermuda & Spain, please see stopBSL’s very own collection of targeted breeds:
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| Pet Adoption & Rescue |
Here at stopBSL we proudly support pet adoption and rescue and wish to promote adoption / rescue over purchasing from irresponsible / "backyard" breeders and pet stores. Every year, in the United States alone, roughly ten million animals end up in our nation's shelters, and only a portion of those animals are lucky enough to make it out alive, so next time you decide you want to add a pet to your household, please consider adopting from your local animal shelter or rescue organization!

Because we support and encourage adoption and rescue, here at stopBSL we have our very own Pet Adoption Promotional Artwork folder dedicated to pets that are available for adoption through rescue organizations, animal shelters and city dog pounds in effort to help find homes for those animals.

We also have our very own The Rescue Dogs of StopBSL folder dedicated to those dogs that have been rescued and adopted into loving homes with families that will cherish them forever. If you have a dog that you saved from the city pound, rescued from the local shelter, found on the streets or adopted from a rescue organization, make sure you add your dog's photograph and story there!

We are also very proud supporters of responsible, ethical breeding of healthy and temperamentally sound purebred dogs, thus we have a folder called The Champions of StopBSL, which is dedicated to showcasing all the fine purebreds that belong to members of this group! Please see our article "What to Know About Reputable Breeding" to learn a little about responsible breeding!

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Featuring September's !RARE! Breed of the Month
the Slovensky Cuvac

What is a Slovensky Cuvac?

The Slovensky Cuvac, a Slovakian breed of herding dog, was a canine developed as a livestock guard dog. Also known as the Slovak Cuvac, Slovak or Slovakian Chuvach, Tatransky Cuvac Slovensky Tchouvatch,  and Liptok, as well as a slightly different spelling of its name; the Slovensky Kuvac. The breed also shares a close genetic history as that of another rare breed, the Hungarian Kuvasz as well as being a representative of a small pool of dogs referred to as the five white European flock guardian dogs. Despite the similarities to these other breeds (the Great Pyrenees, the Hungarian Kuvasz, the Maremma Sheepdog, and the Polish Tatra Sheepdog, respectively) the Slovensky Cuvac is its own unique breed with subtle but strongly characteristic features physically that separate it from the other representatives.

History & Origin

The Slovensky Cuvac's humble origins reside in the country from which it received its name; Slovakia (once Czechoslovakia and more commonly referred to as the Czech Republic nowadays). Residing in the Tatra Mountains, this breed was developed as a herding and livestock guardian of the natives vast flocks of sheep, goats, cattle, etc.

One of several national dog breeds of its native land, the Slovensky Cuvac's genetic analysis has revealed an ancestry to primitive polar dogs that migrated with the first settlers of the Tatra Mountains. In turn, these prototype livestock dogs were descendants of Arctic Wolves as additional physical evidence is supported in the mountainous regions of Europe and in the edges of glaciers. Now, while all dogs are believed to have an ancestry that traces back to wolves, the Slovensky Cuvac, as well as other ancient breeds share a more intimate nature with their wolf ancestors more so than other breeds in both temperament and in less genetic modification. By sticking within a small gene pool and not mixing with other established breeds in the creation of the Cuvac, this breed has retained a closer ancestry to wolves than others of the Canis familiaris representatives. It is also believed that the Cuvac is in relation to dogs that were brought to their native region by the Goths and inhabitants of Pommern whose cattle were driven from the southern most parts of Sweden and throughout southern Europe. Regardless of wherever they came from, it is likely that these thick coated, white mountain dogs resided alongside the Slovak people long before their first documentation in the 17th century.

Prized by sheep herders, the Cuvac was bred as the ideal guardian dog thanks to its instinctual watchful and protective character. In due time, the breed became ingrained in the culture of the mountain people and became the ideal working companion. Within this elevated agrarian community of strong sheep farming tradition, the Slovensky Cuvac resided as the guardians of not only its human owners but of a plethora of livestock including sheep, cattle, goats, and even turkeys. It was the Cuvac's sole devotion in life to guard, herd, and protect its precious cargo from interloping predators such as wolves, bears, and even marauding humans who would steal from the farmers. When newcomers ventured from the lowland and into the mountains, they bore witness to these majestic white dogs with their notable expressive brown eyes and white woolly coats. As many do at the sight of puppies, seeing the offspring of these gorgeous animals encouraged others to partake in the love of the Slovensky Cuvac and the breed began to spread throughout the Czech Republic, Moravia, and other areas of Europe.

Alas, as with many ancient herding breeds, herding methods began to modernize, more adaptable and less specialized breeds would become more favorable to farmers, and with the decline of wolves in Europe, the Slovensky Cuvac was deemed out of commission by many. The first World War took a toll on the dogs as well and by the end of the second World War, the Slovensky Cuvac was on the verge of extinction due to the previously mentioned obstacles and that careless breeding habits and exportation depleted the population to a dismal low.

Fortunately, a miracle came in the name of Dr. Antonin Hruza, a professor at the Brno School of Veterinary Medicine. He realized that this magnificent native breed and that something needed to be done to preserve it. Starting as early as 1929, Dr. Hruza set up a program to revive the breed by retrieving remaining specimens of the breed from the regions of Liptovska Luzna, Kokava, Vychodna v. Tatrach and the area of Rachovo in the Carpathian Mountains. Through selective controlled breeding the goal was to improve the breed and to create distinct characteristics that would set the Slovensky Cuvac apart from all other breeds. This work would lay the foundation of the breed standard accepted and seen today for the breed.

Pictured here are Dr. Antonin Hruza and others that aided in the preservation of the Slovensky Cuvac

Dr. Hruza devised two breeding stations for the Cuvac christened "ze ziate studny" (translated as of the Golden Fountain) and "z Hoveria" (translated as of Hoveria). These two stations were founded in Svitavy and Brno (the first being spread out between the two areas) and in the Carpathian Mountains respectively. Within the confines of the first breeding station, Hruza found two unrelated Tatra puppies known as Jerry and Korra and ended up placing the pups in the hands of his son-in-law, Joseph Skoupil, who would become owner of the first established kennel "ze Zlate studny" (translated as Golden Well). These two dogs were the foundation of the Cuvac we see today and the first litter was soon registered on June 4th, 1929. In 1933, a breeder's club of the Cuvac was founded as well.

However, during World War II, there were complications in the revival process. For one thing, since the only viable partners for breeding of future generations were any of Jerry and Korra's puppies, there was initial inbreeding that took place. This normally viewed ill-practice was unfortunately the only way for the breed to remain in existence, but in due time, this genetic factor helped establish the breed we see today. At the time of the efforts to revitalize the breed two types of Slovensky Cuvac were identifiable; the larger mountain type and the smaller lowland variety. Over time, this inbreeding which forced both variations to mate together resulted in the two varieties meshing into one and overthrowing the smaller lowland type. However, the current breed standard still allows for slight variance in size to this day. In addition, the German occupancy of vast stretches of Europe brought most organized dog breeding to a halt and in doing so, the Slovensky Cuvac began to suffer once more as well as the people who tried their hardest to preserve their beloved breed. But when the seemingly tragic figure head of the breed revival; Dr. Hruza, died in 1950, grief over his passing ignited a flame to continue his quest and rescue the breed from the brink.

Years later, the written breed standard was approved in 1964 by Dr. Viliem Kurz, who played a major role in the revival of the breed before and after Dr. Hruza's passing, and the FCI later accepted the standard the following year. But then, yet another road block was thrown in the direction of the Cuvac in the form of the Hungarian people who submitted a protest to the breed's recognition in 1967. The request to not accept the breed was under the implications that the Slovensky Cuvac bore too many similar traits to Hungary's white livestock breed, the Hungarian Kuvasz. While the two breeds do look alike and function in a similar manner as far as work ethic entails, Dr. Kurz refused to let the protest halt the breed's attempt at recognition. So, with the accompaniment of the president of the Slovensky Cuvac farmer's club, the two men presented their case to the FCI and put a strong defense in establishing that the Slovensky Cuvac and the Hungarian Kuvasz were separate breeds. Finally, the Cuvac was recognized as an official breed in 1969. Still, despite this triumphant return in existence and in breed recognition, the Slovensky Cuvac is still not well known throughout the modern world. The United Kennel Club (UKC) recognized the breed in 2006 under the name Slovac Cuvac, and the American Kennel Club recognized the breed in its Foundation Stock Service (or FSS) in February 2009 and was accepted to partake in AKC Companion events as of January 1st, 2010. It has recently been designated into the herding group under the name used in this feature but it has yet to be officially apart of the herding group in AKC dog shows.

Appearance & Structure

According to ancient tradition and folklore, the Slovensky Cuvac was bred to be white to distinguish it from the marauding predators that came in the night. To this day, the breed is bred solely for a white exterior. With this soft, thick double coat, this breed was able to survive in the harsh conditions of mountain life. Despite its larger size, the Slovensky is to be swift and agile in order to keep up with the flock and dispose of any intruders. Thick boned and the body resting on elevated limbs the Slovensky Cuvac is to be both intimidating in stature and athletic. Movement wise, the breed is accustomed to a trot.

Its skull is strong in build and slightly elongated in shape, broad between its ears. Possessing a broad forehead, there is a shallow furrow which tapers off towards the rear end of the skull. From a profile, the top of the head is slightly domed compared to the bridge of its black nose. The eyes are to be dark brown, oval shape, and set horizontally while the eyelids are strictly black and close fitting to the eyes themselves. But the ability to have those characteristically expressive eyes is thanks to a membrane in the inside corner of the eye. Ears are to be set on high its flat top head and are to be of moderate length hanging close to the head. Progressing down the ear, the hairs are to be finer than those from above. The tail is to be set low reaching hock joints. Its shape is to resemble a cigar and never curl even at the tip.

In regard to size, mature males are to be 62-70 centimeters or 24.4-28 inches at the withers while their female counterparts are slightly smaller being 59- 65 centimeters or 23.2-26 inches at the withers. Weight, however shows a dramatic difference between the sexes. Males can easily tip the scales between 36-44 kg. or 79-97 lbs. while the slightly smaller females can only gain between 31-37 kg. or 68-82 lbs. Other forms of sexual dimorphism also exist in the male having a thicker mane than their counterparts.


In its home, the Slovensky Cuvac is characterized by a calm demeanor but carries a presence which reflects a powerful guardian. Faithful to their masters and courageous in their duties, the Cuvac is an ideal companion to those who can accommodate to its needs of living in a more rural setting. Always alert, this breed instinctively guards its family and any would be flock that is acquired. It is important to note though that the Slovensky Cuvac is defensively protective rather than being offensively aggressive. It will only attack if danger is absolutely imperative at a given moment and is not bred to be an attack dog. Like many herding breeds, the Cuvac is strongly independent thanks to its adaptability to work by itself in centuries past. This is also makes this white behemoth intelligent, able to form strategy to changing circumstances. As a result, this can lead to the Slovensky Cuvac being a little bit stubborn if it doesn't see eye to eye with its master. Akin to other herding breeds as well, when this dog gets bored and/or lacks proper exercise, it can be destructive in trying to find a sense of purpose.

Early obedience training, regular stimulation, and an understanding of an equal partnership are vital for all herding breeds and this one is no exception. Within the family unit, the Slovensky Cuvac gravitates to children and is incredibly gentle to those that are socialized properly with dogs and other animals. They will take a habit to guard the children and in summation are devoted to their families. Usually cautious of strangers and animals outside of the family unit, early socialization is a must but, again, the Cuvac is a defensive guardian and not an attack dog by trade. In summation; devotion, kindness, and adaptability can be described as characteristic traits of this remarkable breed.

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by DogHeartsKoala

This educational piece of artwork shines some very needed light on the fact that all myths, no matter the nature, are harmful to the American Pit Bull Terrier & other bully breeds. Remember to always advocate responsibly!

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o Why Responsibly-bred Dogs Cost More
o Things to Think About Before Breeding
o Top 10 Reasons NOT to Breed
o About Dog Registries & Kennel Clubs
o An Open Letter to Prospective Breeders
o Mutts, Purebreds & Designer Dogs
o Poo Mutts & Designer Dogs
o Designer Dogs = Expensive Mutts
o Health Issues in Designer Mutts</b
o Designer Dogs = Just Expensive Mutts
o Mutt or Purebred: Which is Healthier?
o The Truth About "Teacup" Pups

Animal / Canine Genetics:

o Dog Breeding, Genetics & More
o Coat Color Inheritance in Dogs
o Inheritance of Temperament in Dogs
o Soundess, Structure & Breed Type
o FAQs & Myths About Canine Genetics
o The Myth of Hybrid Vigor in Dogs
o Health Issues in Dogs
o Canine Inherited Disorders Database

Canine Nutrition & Diet:

o Raw Fed Pets @ Tumblr
o Best Raw Foods for Dogs
o Home Prepared Dog Diets

Spaying & Neutering:

o Spay/Neuter FAQs
o More Spay/Neuter FAQs
o The Benefits of Spay/Neuter
o Spay/Neuter & Other Options
o Top 10 Reasons to Spay/Neuter
o Spay/Neuter Benefits by
o Spaying/Neutering Linked to Cancer
o Health Issues Linked to Spay/Neuter
o Risks & Benefits to Spay/Neuter
o Adverse Effects of Spay/Neuter
o Spay/Neuter Risks & Benefits
o The Long Term Health Effects of Spay/Neuter

Adoption & Rescue:

o AKC Breed-Specific Rescue Organizations
o The No Kill Advocacy Center
o The No Kill Nation
o Alley Cat Allies
o The Feral Cat Coalition

Bully Breed Organizations:

o Pit Bull Rescue Central
o Bad Rap Pit Bull / Bully Breed Rescue
o Pit Bull Advocates of the United States
o PinUps for Pit Bulls
o Pit Bull Advocates of the United States

Animal Rights Organizations:

o The Truth About PETA
o The Truth About the ASPCA
o The Truth About the HSUS
o The Truth About "Best Friends" Org.

Causes & Justice for Dogs

o Ontario Pit Bull CoOp FaceBook
o Dogs Shot/Killed by Police
o Justice for Cisco
o Justice for Ronin
o Justice for Chloe
o Support for Shiner Bock

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JeanNoer Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a pitbull and i LOVE him, he is an amazing dog, with a great Heart, and the most perfect personality!! >u< <33
Heartshackles Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
I just wanted to let you guys know, that as a rather recent owner of a doberman (since 13.08.2014), I appreciate this group a lot. When someone in the street gives me crap unnecessarily, I can visit this page and feel better because I'm not alone.

You also provide a lot of useful information to everybody, dog owner or not! I appreciate that, too. :heart: I may not comment on the blogs, but I still read them.

Thanks for existing and being a quiet (and not so quiet) force of support.

Komari Kamikita (Smile) [V1] 
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EpicSk8r13 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My god, these people are so dumb into thinking pit bulls are evil. FIGHT BSL NOW
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EnkiLilstA8411 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015  Professional Artist
BSL is racist :/
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